Recent Closings



Brentmoor Retirement Portfolio
$55,050,000 Negotiated sale of Brentmoor Retirement Portfolio which included Oaktree Village Independent Living, Brentmoor Retirement Independent & Assisted Living, Brentmoor Place Assisted Living, and Brentmoor of Minot Assisted Living
St. Louis, Missouri & Minot, North Dakota.


Brentmoor Assisted Living Facility
$25,000,000 Secured construction financing for Brentmoor Assisted Living Facility
St. Petersburg, Florida


Silverstein Institute
$7,700,000 Secured permanent financing for the Silverstein Institute, a 28,244 square foot Medical Office Building & Research Center.
Sarasota, Florida

$2,400,000 Negotiated sale of Uniphy Medical Building
St. Petersburg, Florida


Holiday Medical Office
$322,000 Secured acquisition loan for Holiday Medical Office – Office Condominium
Holiday, Florida


Radiologist Medical Financing
$1,811,200 Secured equipment refinance and build-out of leasehold space as well as $280,000 of working capital
Sarasota, Florida

Medical Imaging Equipment
$36,399 Secured capital lease for medical equipment
Sarasota, Florida


Palmer Crossing
$57,000,000 Negotiated sale of Palmer Crossing, an 150,000 square foot retail center
Sarasota, Florida

Manatee West Shopping Center
$4,500,000 Negotiated sale of Manatee West Shopping Center, a 47,279 S.F. Retail Center $3,600,000 Secured acquisition financing
Bradenton, Florida

Lockwood Village Plaza
$3,525,000 Negotiated sale of Lockwood Village Plaza
$2,825,000 Secured acquisition financing and bridge loan
Sarasota, Florida

301 Retail Center
$1,300,000 Secured permanent financing for 301 Retail Center
Sarasota, Florida

Gandy Shoppes
$2,800,000 Secured permanent financing for Gandy Shoppes Retail Center
Tampa, Florida


$55,000,000 Negotiated sale of Gateway Office Park – 4 Class “A” Office Buildings Sarasota, Florida

Real World Building
$3,990,000 Secured permanent financing for the Real World Building, now an office and retail center
Denver, Colorado

Coastal Office Building
$17,500,000 Secured permanent financing for the Coastal Office Building
Clearwater Florida


Seagate Office Building
$64,000,000 Negotiated sale of Seagate Office Building, a single-tenant office complex
Longmont, Colorado

Circle K
$1,726,000 Negotiated sale of Circle K convenient store and gas station
$1,200,000 Secured acquisition financing
Sarasota, Florida


Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Condominium
$98,000,000 Secured construction loan for Ritz-Carlton – the first condo-hotel in the U.S.
Sarasota, Florida


Ritz-Carlton Beach Club
$50,000,000 Arranged joint venture for the Ritz-Carlton Beach Club
Sarasota, Florida


On-The-Ave Hotel
$45,000,000 Secured permanent financing for the “On-The-Ave Hotel”
Manhattan, New York

$44,000,000 Negotiated sale of Travelodge Hotel
$42,000,000 Arranged joint venture for the Travelodge Hotel
Sarasota, Florida

St. Regis Hotel
$30,000,000 Arranged joint venture for St. Regis Hotel
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Charter One Hotel Portfolio
$29,550,000 Negotiated sale of Charter One Hotel Portfolio (Holiday Inn Express & Hampton Inn & Suites)
Tampa, Florida & Venice, Florida

Holiday Inn Portfolio
$20,000,000 Secured permanent mortgage for three Holiday Inn Hotels
Cooperstown, New York



210 Watermark
$24,000,000 Negotiated sale of 210 Watermark, a 216 unit apartment complex
Bradenton, Florida


Winter Haven Self Storage
$200,000 Secured equity investment for Winter Haven Self Storage
Winter Haven, Florida

Port St. Lucie Self Storage
$8,000,000 Secured construction loan for Port St. Lucie Self Storage Facility
Port St. Lucie, Florida

Monster Self Storage
$4,200,000 Secured acquisition and bridge loan for Monster Self Storage
Eustis, Florida


Canvas Café
$870,000 Secured acquisition and development loan for Canvas Café
Sarasota, Florida.


West Lakes Plaza
$9,000,000 Negotiated sale of West Lakes Plaza, a 25 acre retail development site
Bradenton, Florida

$26,000,000 Negotiated sale of Ritz-Carlton condominium development site
Sarasota, Florida

Palmetto Self Storage
$3,750,000 Negotiated sale of the development site for Palmetto Self Storage
Palmetto, Florida